Monday, October 14, 2013

Painting Tutorial: Sedition Wars Strain - Phase 3 Brimstone

My first Sedition Wars Strain Brimstone is finished - read my tutorial on how I did it :-)

Undercoat: I use Vallejo Black Surface Primer with an airbrush. Any black primer is fine.

I did the skin a bit different than I am used to. As the model has a good size, all of the skin was painted entirely with airbrush. Only the washes was applied with a brush.
This is my first model with so much airbrush work. I really like the result so I definetly look forward to more larger models that will allow it.


1. Skin
The skin was painted entirely with an airbrush.
I started with a mix of Badger Minitaire Ecchymose + Muddy Brown + Rugged Skin.
The highlights where built up with several layers, adding more and more Fairytale Flesh  to each step, until almost pure.
The result is skin with a purple tint to it.

2. Metal parts
All of the metal parts was painted with GW Leadbelcher.
On the pictures, I used a pure silver, but later I repainted those areas with Leadbelcher so they became darker.

3. Red parts
I painted the red parts with GW Scab Red (Old one).

Shading / Washes


Apply Gloss varnish to the whole model. I used Badger Minitaire Gloss Coat with my airbrush. This coat will make the wash flow better. Even if you decide not to use an Oil Wash, I would still recommend the varnish in this case.

Apply an oil wash all over the skin. I used a mix of Crimson and a tiny bit of Black Oil paint.
For alternative wash methods - look in the first Strain tutorial :-)

When the wash is dry - it is time to clean the model. The wash will often tint areas you do not want it to.
Use the same solvent you used to make the oil wash. Use a cotton swab and remove the dried wash from any areas it should not be. All the raised areas should be cleaned!

Wash the metal and red parts with GW black shade (Nuln Oil).


Highlight metal parts with first GW Ironbreaker, then GW Runefang Steel on the edges.

I added white to the base color to highlight the Red parts.
Be careful only to paint the fine lines.


10. Skin
The start and bottom of the arm and legs were glazed with a mix of Vallejo Glaze Medium and GW Druchi Violet.
Small dots were added with pure GW Druchi Violet.

11. Metal Parts
To tint some of the armour plates, I glazed them with GW Druchi Violet or Minitaire Plasma Tint mixed with Vallejo Glaze Medium.
You cannot really see the blue armour plates on the picture, but I used the plasma tint for some of the inner layers.

12. Eyes and Green glow
A base of GW Caliban Green was applied and highlighted with GW Warpstone Glow. I slowly added more and more white to the highlight.
I used Minitaire Green Ghost Tint thinned with water and applied with a brush around the eyes to make them glow on the metallic. 

13. Bone Jaw
I painted the Jaw with GW Tallarn Flesh and highlighted it with GW Ushabti Bone

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial - stay tuned for more!
Please post your comments :-)


  1. Nice job, and I gave me some new ideas to try out. Likes the blue/purple shade on the silver, and the green glow also, need to try that.

    1. Yeah it really adds depth to the miniature