Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review: Foldio - The foldable photo studio

So, have you ever had difficulties taking pictures of your miniatures?
For starters, you need some basic equipment like a camera, lighting and a background. For me, especially the lighting part was difficult to get right. At the same time, I want a setup that is compact and easy to store.
I already have a professional photo flash with a softbox - practical when doing portraits, but 28mm miniatures?! Overkill!!! :-)

That is why I got really curious when I saw that a company called OrangeMonkie had a Kickstarter campaign last year, for a smart and foldable studio: Foldio.

Ready for some testing?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WIP: Customeeple Infinity Scenery

I have been working on some Infinity display scenery from Customeeple for some time.
Yesterday, I painted the sign.
This is my first attempt at freehand letters, but I really like the result.
The letters were done in white with 2 layers of glaze with Acrylicos Vallejo Green Fluo.
I look forward to show you the finished scenery soon :-)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Zombicide Deals - Cheaper than Kickstarter!

The Zombicide Season 3 Kickstarter is currently in full swing, with a lot of stretch goals as well as optional buys.
They even decided to include the old seasons of the game for people who missed out. I got really hooked on the Season 1 box, because it seems like a classic set and I only have Season 2.

While surfing the internet - I saw that you can actually buy a lot of the existing Zombicide stuff cheaper than Kickstarter. Another great thing would be that you can get Season 1/2 right now, instead of waiting for Season 3 to ship in Feb 2015 :-)

Please note that this only applies for people in the US - since Zombicide is a lot more expensive in Europe.
Also, I am in no way trying to troll the Kickstarter. I just think people should be aware of the price difference.

Check this out:

Friday, June 20, 2014

Painting Tutorial: Dust Allied Light Walker

Dust Allied Light Walker.
This model is a light Allied Walker from the Dust Tactic board game / Dust Warfare.

I decided not to paint this walker with a Vallejo AFV painting system as with the Axis Walker "Hans".  But my own spin on colour choices. But I did try to follow and uses some of the same tecnics used in the painting system. Using preshading and Highligting with Airbrush.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Escape: Fighting for Freedom - Unboxed

Standing ready to go to work with two screaming kids and a stressed out wife. The door bell rings, and it is the postman with a big box. Just had to open it right away. And after 6 month of delay the board game Escape: - Fighting for Freedom, is finally here.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Painting Tutorial: Dust Axis Light Walker 'Hans'

Dust Axis Light Walker 'Hans'.
This model is "Hans". A light Axis Walker from the Dust Tactic board game / Dust Warfare.

I decided to paint this walker with The Dunkelgrau German Dark Grey Painting System. With my own spin on some of the choices here and there. I did not follow the "guide" in the painting system 100%. And added i few more colors!

Monday, April 21, 2014

WIP: Dust Axis Light Walker 'Hans'

Dust Axis Light Walker 'Hans'.

This model is "Hans". A light Axis Walker from the Dust Tactic board game (Also kind of a starter set for Dust Warfare)

I decided to paint this walker with Vallejo AFV painting system.

Any suggestion for WW2 decal sheet?

Stay tuned! :)