Friday, June 20, 2014

Painting Tutorial: Dust Allied Light Walker

Dust Allied Light Walker.
This model is a light Allied Walker from the Dust Tactic board game / Dust Warfare.

I decided not to paint this walker with a Vallejo AFV painting system as with the Axis Walker "Hans".  But my own spin on colour choices. But I did try to follow and uses some of the same tecnics used in the painting system. Using preshading and Highligting with Airbrush.

The color used is:

Primer: Vallejo Black Surface Primer
Primer: Vallejo Grey Surface Primer
Model Air Gold
Model Air Burnt Umber
Model Air Black
Model Air US Dark Green
Model Air Gunship Green
Model Air Pale Green
Model Color Transparent Smoke
Army Painter Purple Tone Ink
Scale75 Blood Red (Blood and Fire set)
Scale75 Antares Red (Blood and Fire set)
Scale75 Mars Orange (Blood and Fire set)
Pigment Burnt Umber (with Isopropanol)
Pigment Dark Red Ochre (with Isopropanol)
Vallejo Thinner
Vallejo Airbrush Thinner


1. Undercoat the model black. I used Vallejo Black Surface Primer with an airbrush. Any black primer is fine.

2. Preshade with Vallejo Grey Primer.

3. Then I loaded the airbrush with the Burnt Umber. Paying attention to deep corners and shade.

4. Paint the weapons and other metal parts with Vallejo Air Gold.

5. Next using US Dark Green to start highlighting. Keep In mind where the light will hit the model.

6. Last highligt with Pale Green.

Shading / Pin Wash:

9. This time I was aimed at a more clean look. So desided to do a Pin wash, with black thinned with water. Did hit panel lines, raised details, corners and crevices.

Guld and metal parts shade with Vallejo Model Color Transparent Smoke and Army Painter Purple Tone Ink. Remember to thin it down alot.

11. With Brush I added white to the base color to highlight just the edges of the amour. Be careful only to paint very fine lines and again think where the light will hit the model.

Details/Red parts:

13. With brush paint all details like tubes/pipes Scale75 Blood Red.

14. First highlight with Scale75 Antares Red and last with Scale75 Mars Orange

15. Shade just the end of the tubes/pipes with Vallejo Model Color Transparent Smoke. just a tiny bit.


16. Add some Pigment Burnt Umber with Isopropanol. 

17. Then a
dd some Pigment Dark Red Ochre Isopropanol over some of the same areas. Remember to try not to use to much. Dark Red Ochre is a strong color and it is more to get a little highlight over the Burnt Umber.

Last finish off the base as you like!

Thx for reading. And see you soon ;)

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