Saturday, June 07, 2014

Escape: Fighting for Freedom - Unboxed

Standing ready to go to work with two screaming kids and a stressed out wife. The door bell rings, and it is the postman with a big box. Just had to open it right away. And after 6 month of delay the board game Escape: - Fighting for Freedom, is finally here.

Let´s begin with some short fact:

"Survive in the depths of LAB03 : 
Fight on the Resistance side and force your way to the surface to build a new civilization in the ruins of the ancient world. Control the ruthless ISC drones to prevent the horrors of the Apocalypse aftermath from ruining the efforts of the IA to preserve the last survivors of humanity".

Content´s :

  • 2 x 60 * 60cm game boards, (one folding and one modular)
  • 26 Miniatures
  • Over 70 tokens
  • 8 profile cards for the special characters
  • 21 cards repression cards tomanage the hordes of robots
  • 5 6-sided dice
  • an erasable marker
  • 1 reference and rules 24 pages booklet (english)
  • 1 missions and atmosphere 32 pages booklet (english)

The Miniatures

The gaming boards


Well this is my first Kickstarter of a board game, but it is not my first non Games Workshop game (Sedition Wars, Deadzone, Zombicide and so on). Did it fulfill my expectation?

Yes and No.

Yes, because the game itself and the miniature are top notch. Some design mistakes here and there. Green Youkai can`t stand up straight and another example (see the picture below) is the great great miniature “Puppet Master”. The hands are to long or misplaced, so front of the base do not hit the ground??? :). But all in all really high quality. Not a lot of mold lines and some injection points here and there. But it is nothing compare to Sedition Wars or a game like Deadzone.

Cool board titles, cool gaming token and cool profile cards. You can play alone and co-up, that’s also a very nice fiture.

No, because there is some downsides. The Kickstarter is 6 month late. The communications from Taban have been lacking. I did miss some miniatures (about 15 bots) and some bases. The miniature looks like an error from the factory. But still Taban knew this BEFORE they send the game to me?! A mail from them about the problem had been nice. Also some miniatures are lacking quality and in some cases it looks likes 2 different sculpture, because there is a bit difference in sizes. not much but it shows. Some minis have different bases. Some with the cool ones like the puppets (see the pictures) and some just with normal 30 mm plastic base. Think this is for the EDEN game but anyway. This is a kickstarter for a board game.

But I have no problems with recommending this great game when it hits the local stores near you.
But one big thing though, is that it seems that all the small issues, is only the extra kickstarter stuff. Not the base game, here everything is spot on.

All in all besides the small issues from above I feel happy about buying and supporting this. A Kickstarter can never be perfect, but it was really fun to be part of, and got alot of cool miniature to paint in the future :

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