Monday, December 02, 2013

Showcase: Morgan Vade from Sedition Wars

I decided to practice my brush skills on some of the heroes from Sedition Wars. First up is Morgan Vade - a really cool model to paint.
I panted him after the studio colors, since I really liked those.
Comments/Suggestions are welcome :-)

More pictures after the jump...


  1. Very nice! It doesn't show on the picture but the figures are so small. I would add some blood projections. I believe the studio version has some blood too. It adds to the infection issue. Like, you know, "I had some blood splashes on me but I'm not infected, right?"

    Is it the restic figure or a resin version?


    1. Yeah you are totally right - It is definitely missing some blood!
      Only reason I have not added it yet is that I like to have the base done and the whole model protected with varnish before. The glossy blood will look better on top of the matt varnish and with a few spots on the base as well :-P

      Unfortunatly, this is the restic (did not know that expression haha) version. It has been dificult to paint some of the details, cause the model was just too bad quality. It also seems like the restic and resin versions actually are 2 different sculpts. When you look closer a lot of things differ... :-S

  2. Studio Mc Vey is holding up a xmas discount of 25% for xmas and has as a very limited run, a few of the resin versions. Just got myself a few minis.

    Coolminiornot might still have a few resin models. I got Morgan vade there, the resin version.

    Varnish before blood seems like a very smart idea. Will steal that from you.