Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Step by step: Infinity Diomedes

Here is how I painted my second model for Infinity
I really like the Aleph color scheme by Studio Giraldez, so I have tried his color suggestions here again.

Some of the pictures is not the greatest - sorry guys!

Hope you enjoy, and please ask if you have any questions :-)

Primed with Black Vallejo Surface Primer

I gave it a fine mist from above with white paint. Later I acually found out, this was not really necessary for me.

Began with a really dark purple

I painted the "white" parts to see test the contrast against the darker parts.

This is my palette for the Black/Violet parts. I used 5 layers to make the transition.

Ready for the base :-)

I masked the feet with Maskol

Done - ready for varnish and proper picture
I hope you enjoyed the step by step - please ask if you have any questions.

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  1. I've enjoyed your site for quite awhile, but I have to say that this post is more of a "show off (in a good way)" than a step by step. AG does it similarly, but lists or shows the colors used in each photo. I know you've stated you used his scheme, but since you haven't listed your colors, I think I'd be better served just looking at his step by step.

    This probably comes off harsher than it's intended to, I think this is a great post and set of photos, I just wouldn't call it a Step by Step.

    Nice work though, as always.