Friday, March 28, 2014

How to make Infinity Aleph bases

My next project is Diomedes from the Aleph faction.
For some time now I have been wondering how the studio bases were made, so I bought some tools for the project.

Please share your thoughts and ideas for the process :-)

 A 24mm base is sketched on a piece of 0,75mm Plasticard with a pencil

Lines are scribed with a scribing tool - very nice tool btw!

The base is cut out with a compass cutter.
I also made a hole and cut a line to the right from it. This is only necessary if the model is attached through the base like this is.

The card has been glued and pushed in place using the slice to the right.

New sections has been cut.
The right one will fit around the model and hopefully cover the hole we made.

Everything glued in place

Rough clean up with a cutter.

Fine clean up with a knife and file.
This step takes quite a while, but I guess it depends how exact your cut out with the compass cutter was.

The last part is to fill the small hole around the model with Plastic putty from Acrylicos Vallejo.
This stuff is really easy to work with and you can thin it with water if you want.
The surface was smoothed with a file.
Now it is ready for painting! :-)

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