Sunday, January 27, 2013

Assembling Hurley and Barker Zosa from Sedition Wars with magnets

I have never tried using magnets before when assembling miniatures. Recently I saw some videos about it and decided to buy some magnets from ebay.
I bought two sizes: 1/12"x1/25" and 3mm x 1mm. They are called Neodymium magnets and are actually pretty strong for its size!


Hurley is perfectly suited for magnets and is very easy to do. You can add magnets in two places:

Rotatable Gun top

The gun top is already rotatable, so it would be a shame to glue it in a static position. I cut off the tap on top part and drilled a small hole for a magnet to fit inside. There was already a hole in the top of the body for the old tap to fit. I widened this hole and glued in a magnet here as well.


By using magnets on the base, Hurley becomes easy detachable and easier to fit in storage cases. There is already a 3mm hole in the bottom of the body, so my large magnet slid in perfectly. I glued another magnet to the holding part that is to be attached to the base.

All magnets glued and ready.
Finished! With detachable base and rotatable gun :-)

Barker Zosa

I have not assembled Barker Zosa yet, but after using the magnets on Hurley I decided to fit them to the arm of Barker as well.
I drilled a small hole under Barker's arm for the first magnet. You can see the other two on the image above.
Even though I used my smallest magnets, the parts here are just a bit too narrow to really "hide" the magnets. I guess I will try some green stuff to sculpt around the magnets on the weapon, so they blend more in. I probably should buy some even smaller magnets for future projects.

After I was done I saw that the paper clip on my desk actually played along real nice with the magnets (As seen in the picture). So instead of the magnets on the weapons, I think a small piece of paper clip might actually give you the same result without the bulky magnet.

Quick tip!

The most time consuming part for me was to make the holes for the magnets. I only have a small drill bit normally used for paper clips. 
I would suggest you buy some drill bits in the same size as your magnets. This will make the process really quick! I will begin look for some 2 and 3mm drill bits for mine!

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