Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Battle Foam Case for Sedition Wars - Mini Review and Comparison

After months of waiting for "Sedition Wars: Battle for Alabaster" and all the extra stuff offered on Kickstarter in the summer 2012 - first shipment finally arrived 2 days ago!
I really want to show you the game box and what is inside of it. But first I want to show people the Battle Foam case that they are either waiting for or didn't buy originally at the Kickstarter.

This is my first case from Battle Foam, and I was actually really excited to see the Sedition Wars trays for this case.


At first sight, this is a little fat shoulder case - which is about the same size as an espresso machine. It is really is to hold on to. The front is prepared for the Sedition Wars logo - according to CoolMiniOrNot, these were not ready at shipping time and will come later. The bag also come with a detachable shoulder strap.
Bag Dimensions - 12W x 8.5L x 11H" (305W x 216L x 279H mm)

For those of you thinking: "I have seen this kind of bag before!" - You are right!
It is a "generic" CMON Bag from Battle Foam as seen here.

The Trays

The Trays are "Universal Troop Foam" trays from Battle Foam - same as these.
The bag includes 5 trays, 2 of them is 1.5 inch, and the last 3 is 2 inch high.

Maybe it is just me, but I had imagined some custom trays in my head when I first ordered the case last summer. However, as I can see on Kickstarter, they actually never wrote custom trays anywhere. I guess it is more versatile and future proof with Universal Trays as people has very different needs. Some needs to store the models from the game only and some bought a lot extras.

Tray Size Comparison

As I said before, this is my fist Battle Foam case. I currently have some old Games Workshop cases as well as a Feldherr Medium, which I am very happy about.

An Battle Foam tray compared to a Feldherr Medium tray to the right.
The cut outs are almost too small for GW Miniatures

 The cut outs in the Battle Foam trays are a bit smaller to what I am familiar with. Generally, the miniatures in Sedition Wars are smaller than your average Space Marine or Ork from Warhammer 40k. Once I get some SW models assembled, I think the cut out sizes will be perfect.


Its price was $80 in the Kickstarter campaign - same price as in US without shipping. International shipping was $25, so the total was $105 for me. That is a lot of money for a bag!
If you compare the price to other high quality brands, it seems a little in the higher end.
In my view, Battle Foam is an expensive brand - especially in Europe. If I were to buy this case directly from them, I would have to pay $130 for it. Therefore, I did save a bit.

After having a look around for other cases, I can see there are many good deals out there. For example, Aluminum cases from KR Multicase in various UK online shops.
Prices are generally difficult to compare as it really depends on your location. The Battle Foam case might be reasonably priced elsewhere - especially in the US.


Overall, I really like this bag. It does not take up a lot of space, and has 130 cut outs in various sizes. So definitely enough space for the Sedition Wars game (50 models), the popular Biohazard Kickstarter offer (about another 50 model) as well as new future releases.
The quality of the bag and zippers are also very nice, they do not look cheap at all.
Because of the small footprint - it will be very easy to have on the gaming table.
I can highly recommend this product to protect your Sedition Wars miniatures.

From a price perspective - I would try to look at other cases and see what they offer.
I think it was cool to get it as a part of the Kickstarter campaign, but because of the price, I would probably not buy a Battle Foam case again.
Unless I find a nice offer :)

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